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Welcome along to Brew It Yourself or BIY for short. Our site makes brewing your own beer, wine, cider and other drinks from the comfort of your own home really simple.

Our site acts as an information portal which offers help, tips and other advice when it comes to making home brew. We feature many of the the major brewing kits, brands and equipment you need to either get started or continue as an old hand brewer!

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Why Brew It Yourself?
Everyone will have a list of reasons why they choose to brew there own Beer, wine and cider at home. But the most common reasons will be these!

It’s fun! Yep, thats right. For many, brewing is a hobby and with the amount of kits, equipment and ingredients available all to buy online, it’s never been a better time to do it! The other main reason to brew your own is the cost savings. Compared to buying ready made beers etc, drinking your own brew is so much cheaper. For us though we feel that nothing compares better than a brew you have made yourself.

How hard is it to brew yourself?
Modern day equipment and kits have made the process easier than ever. Add to the fact that the internet is full of handy help forums and portals all adds up to making the task of brewing an all round simple one.

A number of print books are available to buy online and talking from experience these have helped all of us over the years.

Buying homebrew kits, ingredients etc
As mentioned, we don’t sell our own products but instead review and make recommendations on which products and home brew shops are worth checking out and offer a good experience when buying.

Throughout our site you will find details of places we know and trust to buy brewing products online. We hope this helps you, like it’s helped us in the past.