Abashiri Blue Beer

Today’s review comes all the way from Japan. Well, the product we are reviewing does should we say. Abashiri is a tasty new beer, but it’s like nothing we have seen before.

While this stuff has a beer like taste, the colour is nothing like the beer we know. When inspected closer you will see that that Abashiri Beer is blue. Not just a little bit, but really, really blue. Like a Smurf for example!

It really is the bluest beer in the world right now and is made from melted icebergs which are located in the sea of Okhotsk.

This booze comes ready brewed, so all you need to do is chill and pour. Abashiri Blue Beer can be purchased in single cans, packs of 4 or a big value 8 pack!

Great for a party or perfect if you fancy a change from regular colour beer!