Beer Bread

In our best Peter Kay Voice: Beer and bread? Together? Hell yes we are all ears. Well that’s pretty much what we said when this was sent our way here @ Brew It yourself towers!

Now we love the sound of this beer bread, but the idea of making a loaf made our smiles drop! This is because as anyone who has made bread will tell you it’s a lot of faffing about! This however not the case with beer bread kit, phew!

Once you have ordered this beer bread packet you simply need to empty the contents in a bowl, pour in beer and mix until dough like! It’s that easy.

To cook simply follow the instructions on the packet and throw it in the oven!

Beer bread flavours to choose from

Italian Cheese
Chilli and Garlic

Good for everyone!

This beer bread is MSG free and is vegan friendly too.

Please remember to keep your beer bread out of the sight of any other human beings because talking from experience they will feel the need to eat it for you!