Beer Foamer

We all know that a good beer needs a great head! The problem is this isn’t always the case. To help you and your beer get the perfect head each and every time, the Beer Foamer was invented and what a great little machine this thing is!

Working the Beer Foamer is really easy and will transform your dull pint to one with a head that even the most skilled of bar staff will be impressed with!

Beer Foamer Instructions

  • Pour the set amount of beer into the foamer container
  • Now place the foamer chamber on top and press the button
  • Inside the machine a whisk will do it’s magic
  • Once completed you simply need to pour the foam on top of your beer
  • You can lick the whisk if you like! But please wash it before using it again!
  • Thats it. Job done all very simple!

Not just any old foam!
The end result is perfection it has to be said. The foam produced has a really nice smooth texture and is packed with great flavour and smells.

Quality made
Looking closer at the machine itself you soon see that a lot of time and development has gone into making the beer foamer. It’s been made from quality products and includes a copper plated plastic top which looks fantastic.

You just know from looking and using the beer foamer that it’s a brewing gadget that is going to get plenty of use and last for many years to come.