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  • Beer Brewing Kits
  • Equipment
  • Ingredients
  • Everything else to brew perfect beer at home!



All about brewing beer yourself at home
People have been brewing their own Beer for years, but now in 2014 it’s never been easier to become a home brew expert! This is mainly down to two key factors and this includes the range of much better equipment on sale plus help from many internet forums.

Available to buy here through Brew It Yourself is everything you could ever want and need when it comes to making the perfect homebrew.

For beginners there is a great range of starter kits while for those who are old hands at brewing can add/upgrade their kit and also buy additional home brew supplies.

Nowadays everything you need is available to buy online and all from top brand names.


Current top rated Beer brew brands in stock

  • American Craft Brewing Beer
  • Bah Humbug
  • Better Brew
  • BrewBuddy
  • Brewferm
  • Brewmaker
  • Bulldog Brews
  • Coopers
  • Festival
  • Finlandia
  • Geordie
  • Gone With The Wheat
  • John Bull
  • Milestone
  • Muntons
  • Simply
  • St Peters
  • Thompsons
  • Ultimate Brewery Classics
  • Woodfordes
  • York Brewery
  • Youngs


As with most things new beer kits, supplies and equipment are being added to our site/released by the major retailers. As these go live we are aiming to try, test and review as many as possible to help you see if they are worth buying.

Happy brewing because we all know home made beer taste better than any other!