Bulletproof Whisky Glass

Product details & review

Well isn’t this the best whisky glass you have ever seen? Imagine the look on friends or a family member’s face when you present them a drop of the good stuff in this glass!

Handmade with love all the way from the USA, this glass is finished off with a real 0.308 calibre bullet strategically placed in the gunshot style hole!

Health and safety people please don’t panic, we are here to put your minds at ease. The bullet is no longer live and any gunpowder or other nasties have been removed. So, you can sit back and enjoy your drink without the fear of becoming front page news!

The glass is dishwasher safe too. Plus, no need to worry about the bullet falling out because it’s been stuck in the hole really well!

The Bulletproof Whisky Glass is a good size and measures approximately 13cm (W) / (H) x (D).