Chillsner Beer Cooler

Nothing beats a nice refreshing ice cold beer. Problem is though when you fancy a beer it can be on the spare of the moment and guess what? Yeah you guessed it! Someone (you!) has forgotten to put the beers in the fridge!

Thats why then you need to invest in the Chillsner Beer Cooler sticks.

Inside is a thermal gel which when put in the freezer gets really cold in no time at all. They are then ready for you to stick in your beer when the moment calls. Now as you take a sip the beer is chilled and you get that ice cold feeling without having to wait!

Along with keeping your beer cool, the Chillsner also stops your drink going flat!

Each pack contains 2 Chillsners! Perfect for you and a mate.

The Chillsner Beer Coolers are really easy to clean and fit into all standard size beer bottles.