Chocolate Whisky

Whisky + chocolate is heaven! It’s fair to say most people wouldn’t say no to a bit of both. Because of this someone decided that putting the two together in a nice looking bottle was a good idea. If you ask us, we think it’s an excellent idea!

This chocolate Whisky was hand crafted in Italy. With this information alone, you know we are going to be in for a good tasting quality product.

The finest whisky has been used to make this stuff and upon tasting we can confirm it tastes just like chocolate ice cream which has been allowed to melt. Please remember though not to give this stuff to children!

The cioccowhisky to use it’s real name has a rich dark brown colour and we think this gives it an awesome look to compliment it’s great taste.

The bootle has a height of around 33cm and contains 500ml of the good stuff. The ABV of the chocolate whisky is 17%

Maybe now is a good time to set up a Chocoholics  Anonymous helpline?