Discworld Ales

As ales go they don’t come any more odd or wacky than the Discworld Ale collection. It’s only when reading a bit further that you come to learn that the one and only Terry Pratchett has endorsed these that things start to make sense!

When ordering you have 2 choices. Each include 4 different ales. You can try all 8 by simply ordering both packs. Details of these are below.

Original Collection

  • Hix’s Drkside (Oatmeal stout)
  • Bledlows Silence (IPA)
  • Modo’s Midden (Golden Ale)
  • Burgarup Blondy (Fourecks IPA)

Heritage Collection

  • Invalids Restorative
  • Black Hogswatch Stout
  • Ridcully’s Revenge
  • Founders Ale

Full details about each ale can be seen on the page when ordering.

Each bottle of Discworld Ale is around 23cm high by 6cm wide, So a good size. Inside each bottle holds 330ml of goodness. So no going thirsty!

Delivery comes despatched direct, so it wont be long before you can try these ales!