Duff Beer 24 Can Pack

Like us did you think Duff Beer was just made up for the hit television programme The Simpsons? If so think again because Duff Beer is not just for Homer Simpson, you too can now experience this top quality beer for yourself!

The Duff Beer collection comes in a 24 can case and has the exact same logo design printed on the cans as you see on every episode of the Simpsons!

Tried and tested – It tastes good!
While many products like this tend to be a bit of a laugh and a gimmick, we are pleased to report that the the contents of Duff Beer taste really good. The premium lager inside each and every one of the 24 cans is German lager and this makes it rather refreshing.

We should stress that the Duff Beer is for over 18s only and that you must drink responsibly as we are unable to come and clean up after any Homer style drinking sessions!

Duff Beer is ready to drink straight from the can. No brewing needed on this occasion!