Feckin Irish Whiskey

Even though this whisky has a cheeky name, we can confirm right now that it has nothing to do with the foul mouth priest from Father Ted! Now that disclaimer is out of the way we can begin to explain in detail about this Feckin Irish Whiskey!

This premium whisky was distilled in Northern Ireland and is really rather feckin tasty. No really it is. It’s perfectly balanced and offers you a honeyed finish with malty notes.

Perfect on it’s own or as art of a cocktail mixer, feckin Irish whisky has many uses!

As we have mentioned, this stuff is good. But to back this up we can confirm that it’s won many whisky tasting accolades. On top of the great taste, the wording and design on the bottle makes this stuff worth buying for that alone!

Drink, Feck, enjoy!