Killer Queen Vodka

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Killer queen, this special vodka has been released. Well it stands to reason because vodka was the tipple of choice for Freddie Mercury don’t you know! So you can be sure that he would approve of this!

Don’t be fooled though by thinking this will just be a pretty bottle of vodka with less than average contents inside. Oh no because it’s quality all the way through.

The Killer Queen vodka is distilled 7 times using an age old filtration process using quartz sand and charcoal. Even the water has been sourced from a special location too! Yep, it has been selected from an artisan well which is over 600 foot deep!

All this careful process means you get a top quality vodka with a smooth taste.

Only when it’s ready, the Killer Queen Vodka is poured in to a frosted bottle and then the great quality Queen artwork is added to complete the look.

The important specs: 40% ABV (80% proof)