Marshmallow Vodka

Marshmallows are loved by people of all ages, but for the adults an extra special version has just been made and put on sale for you to buy!

Called Marshmallow vodka, for obvious reasons, it’s quite simply delicious!

This stuff is already brewed and ready to drink. To make sure it’s 100% perfect, only the best Italian Vodka has been used and it’s been distilled 5 times! Once that hard work has been completed, they then go about adding sweet taste of marshmallows.

This stuff has the same effect as a tube of Pringles. It’s so tasty that you just want to keep on sipping! Of course you should be an adult and control yourself!

The Marshmallow vodka has a good kick to it and features a 21% alc vol. Each bottle contains a whopping 500ml of this tasty vodka. That’s 1/2 a litre in other money!