Moonshine Drinks Brewing Kits

Most of us love the idea of brewing our own beer, the reasons why are endless. For us it’s fun, cheaper than the off license and at the end you can drink what you’ve made! The problem with home brew though is that it can be mighty hard to get right. Even professional home brew gurus will admit to having batches of brew go wrong from time to time.

Well not any longer and here’s why!

These Moonshine Drinks Brewing Kits allow you to make your own beer, but without all the usual fuss, skill and luck of the Irish as of before!

Long gone and forgotten is all the equipment you need because with these kits, everything you need is included and the process of making you brew is mega easy. So simple in fact we have written it below in a few short lines!

Moonshine Drinks Brewing Instructions

  • Locate your Moonshine Drinks brewery bag and fill with water from the tap
  • Add the packet of moondust that comes included!
  • Now leave the bag for 2 weeks so contents can do it’s fang!
  • Day 14 and your 25 pints of tasty beer is ready to drink.
  • It really is that easy.

On top of all that, it tastes rather good too!

Once ready your ale will be good to drink and has a life of around 4 weeks in which it’s recommended to drink. If you manage to have any left over by then though we would be very surprised. Most groups of humans can easily drink all this a lot quicker!

Available in 3 Tasty flavours

  • Four Candles Bitter
  • Dark Adder Ale
  • Cheese Makers Golden Ale

Our top reasons why this kit is worth buying

  • You can easily make 25 its of beer in just 2 short weeks!
  • Just add water, easy to follow guide and no expensive equipment to buy or wash up!
  • Safe to drink as it’s beer! Not nasty moonshine as the name might suggest!
  • the bag has a tap on the front for easy and quick refills!

Our last few words!
While this stuff is called Moonshine Drinks Brewing Kits, it’s ale and not the nasty stuff from films and the olden days. We know this should be clear from our review, but to save any confusion we just wanted to say it again!