Oddka Vodka

Here’s a question for you! What do you get when you take a premium quality vodka and add weird, but great tasting flavours to it? Oddka of course!

Oddka is the work of a group of crazy, but cool scientists and the end product they have come up with is awesome. This intoxicating treat first starts with them finding the best vodka. Once they completed this task they then went on to make the Flavours. As we type 3 impressive and yummy versions are available to buy.

Oddka Vodka Flavours

  • Electricity
  • Fresh Cut Grass
  • Salty Caramel Popcorn

So far we have tried the fresh cut grass Oddka and couldn’t believe how much it really does taste just like the smell you get from mowing the lawn!

We currently have the other 2 flavours on route to us. The great news is others reporting these too taste great! So the delivery couldnt come quick enough!

Oddka is perfect for parties or why not buy them to have a tasting session at home?