Powerfuel Vodka

This isn’t just any old vodka, it’s Powerfuel vodka! So why is it different you might be asking? First of all it’s available in 4 tasty flavours.

Powerfuel vodka Flavours

Ginger and coriander
Melon and mint
The other major difference compared to other vodkas is what Powerfuel vodka comes packaged in. Forget dull glass bottles, this stuff comes encased within a stainless steal hip flask and is finished in true top quality detail.

The vodka inside has a 40% alc. vol and each bottle/flask contains 200ml.

We’ve tried all 4 flavours of these vodkas and have to say all of them taste great. So deciding which one to order can only be chosen by which flavour you like the sound of the most. Of couse you could order all of them. Just don’t drink them all at once!