Ron De Jeremy Rum

Now you might be looking at this bottle of rum and be thinking who is Ron De Jeremy? If this is the case then congratulations because you are a great person!

If you do know who he is then we think you might be going red in the face right about now. In short he is a legend, in the porn scene that is! Oh yes he’s one of the best know pornographic actors who ever lived (so we’ve been told) and now this 61 year old guy has put his name to some good quality rum.

Each bottle contains 750ml of 40% rum and not to forget it includes the words Ron De Jeremy along with a picture of his face on the bottle for good measure!

This stuff is strictly for people over 18 years old. So it’s in keeping just like all the movies this legend has been in then!

Ron De Jeremy Rum information

  • 7 year old rum all the way from Panama
  • All bottles are from the First Edition are are numbered
  • Oak flavour with hints of vanilla, fruit and spices