Root Beer Making Kit

Root Beer is loved by the Yanks, but sadly it’s not so popular or as easily found over here in the UK. This is a shame to be honest as most people who have tried root beer will tell you it does taste rather god damn good!

Rather than sit down and feel all sad about it, someone has came up with the idea of producing this home brew kit with a twist!

Contained within the Root Beer brew kit is everything you need to make 9 litres of delicious Root Beer. The easy to follow guide also means that even the novice of brewers can be confident that the end result will be in perfect condition for a drinking fest!

Full list of what’s included

  • Really simple and easy to follow instructions
  • Special root beer brewing yeast
  • Funnel
  • Blank labels to label your spoils!
  • Root beer extract

How you drink your root beer is of course 100% up to you. However many we suggest serving yours with a nice big fat dollop of ice cream, vanilla works best! Trust us it tastes great!