Scorpion Vodka

Over the years it’s fair to say we’ve seen some really crazy drinking-related products on sale! But the Scorpion Vodka has to be on the top 10 list that’s for sure!

So what’s it all about you might be thinking?

The Scorpion Vodka bottles you see come in two different sizes. Either a 70ml version or a mighty 250ml version. Inside you will find some of the best quality vodkas around, but as you can see by the photo and the name on the bottle this stuff has a twist!

The twist is that before sealing up the bottles a real scorpion has been added. The reasons for them doing this are clear! That want to shock us, but it also helps with the end result and taste of the vodka. The scorpion gives the vodka a woody taste and at the same time makes it smoother and a lot nicer to drink!

Waste not, want not! The good news is the scorpion inside each bottle is 100% edible. You just have to decide who gets the fun task of munching away on this little critter!