Tequila Advent Calendar

Christmas only comes around once a year so it’s important to treat yourself more than normal. Cheap chocolate advent calendars, for example, tend to be lame plus the size of the treat inside seems to get smaller each year. Because of this, we think you owe it to yourself to finish the year off on high and we have just the ticket to help you do that!

Named quite simply the tequila advent calendar, this pre-Christmas must have is going to get you into the spirit if you like it or not.

The Calendar has 24 doors, just like normal, however, the rubbish scrap of chocolate has been replaced with a wax sealed dram of tequila.

So from the 1st to 24th December, you get a daily booze filled treat!

It goes without saying that this is not for kids, but on a lighter note, the Tequila Advent Calendar does come with FREE delivery included.