Tom Caxton Beer Making Kit Traditional Real Ale 1.8kg

How do you fancy brewing some of your own great tasting real ale? What if I told you it only costs 35p a pint? Sounds even better, doesn’t it?

The Tom Caxton traditional real ale beer making kit is here to help you make 40 pints of quality ale, easily. Everything is included, well except for the water and a small amount of sugar you need to add during the brewing process!

The easy to follow instructions make brewing your own quality real ale simple. They have even included a fresh hop enhancement sachet to complete the process and add a great taste.

Tom Caxton is a much-loved brand with brew it yourself people and has been around for over thirty years. So they must be doing something right. Once tasted you will see why it’s a company that stood the test of time while others have been and gone!