Victors Drinks Beer Making Kits

Have you ever wanted to brew your own beer, but don’t have the time or want to shell out for all the equipment needed? Maybe you have had bad luck when it comes to brewing? Before you give up we suggest giving this beer making kit a look.

The Victor’s beer making kit allows you to make great tasting beer in just a few steps. It’s so easy in fact that anyone can do it, even you!

Each kit makes 20 pints of yummy beer and once you have started the process, it takes just 10 days to work it’s magic ready for drinking.

Victor’s beer kits available

  • Dark Ale
  • Pale Ale

What do you get in the box?
Everything you need to make beer comes included. So no need to spend any extra money on equipment that will end up either getting lost, broken or stolen by someone else!

How to brew

  • Place an order and wait for delivery
  • Once arrived simply follow the instructions included
  • This includes adding water and the packets of ingredients (included)
  • Put your feet up and wait for 10 days
  • That’s it, 20 pints of beer will be ready to consume.
  • On the front of the box is a handy on/off tap

The Victor’s drinks beer making kits are 100% suitable for vegetarians.

This kit is for people aged 18 and over due to alcohol, obviously!!