Whisky Advent Calendar

Being fans of all things booze we wanted to show you this alternative advent calendar that will start this festive Christmas season right! Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate, but lets face it a booze filled advent calendar is always going to win the vote!

So what exactly do we have here then you might be wondering?

Well just like a normal advent calendar, this on starts on the 1st December and leads all the way up to the big day on the 25th.

Choose from 2 great designs

  • Whisky Barrels
  • Cabin Scene

Behind each door you’re treated to a top quality bottle of whisky that has been handpicked just for you! Each one of the 24 bottles contains a top quality 40 year old single malt whisky that is a sure fire way to get your day off to a great start.

If you’re due to drive to work may we suggest you either walk or open yours in the PM time!