Wine Condoms

How do we start the write up for the Wine Condoms we ask ourselves?! I suppose it should be made clear that this is a real product and when you look at the workings a bit closer, it’s far from a novelty gift or joke impulse buy!

No, because in fact, the Wine Condom is a really good idea.

We all know that when a bottle of wine is open it becomes a liability for creating a mess if spilled over. Wine can also go bad in a record short time, so something is needed to stop all these problems. Trying to locate a cork and stuffing it back in the bottle is a hassle.

So when the moment calls, you simply need to unwrap one of these wine condoms, roll it down the neck of the bottle and this then provides 100% protection from spills.

It also means it will stand up in most fridges with ease because you have no cork in the way.

Wine Condom details

  • Includes 10 individually wrapped in foil wine condoms
  • Shrink to fit. So perfect for any size bottle!
  • Made from 100% quality rubber
  • Each wine condom comes with a resealable pouch
  • Work on wine, beer and in fact most types of bottles
  • Another Kickstarter funded project success story