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For many, the idea of making their own wine at home sounds like fun, but the majority of people we have come across have never tried it because they believe that it is a complicated process that would become a chore rather than a hobby.

The good news is though that this is not the case thanks to the wide range of wine making kits and information available in books and on the web.

For those looking to start out in the world of wine making will be pleased to learn that a great choice of beginner starter kits can be ordered. These are available through Brew It Yourself and contain everything the new wine maker will need.

Experienced wine makers can also enjoy a great choice of kits, equipment and ingredients that are all in stock now and ready for delivery direct.

Top wine making brands that are in stock right now

  • Beaverdale
  • Belvino
  • California Connoisseur
  • Cellar 7
  • Château Vin
  • Gervin
  • Hambleton Bard
  • Harris
  • Kenridge
  • Magnum
  • Muntons
  • Sadlers Reserve
  • Solomon Grundy
  • Vigo
  • WineBuddy
  • Winexpert
  • Youngs