Welcome to Brew It Yourself aka BIY! We wanted to write a few words about ourselves so you can get a better idea of what our website is all about and it’s aim!

Who are we then?
Brew It Yourself is made up of a small team of people who like brewing. Our experience ranges from some very old and experienced home brewers to one of us (me) who are just getting into the fun world of homebrew!

We are not a retailer or shop but instead share our hints and tips to help other at home brewers looking for advice online.

Nothing beats recommendations in life, so where we can we provide links to homebrew shops we know and trust so our readers can too experience the great prices and service we have the fortunate pleasure to enjoy.

Along with home brew products, we will also write reviews and give our views on products which have a drinking/brewing theme.

The future of Brew It Yourself
It’s important to stress that our site is an ongoing project and like the best websites online it takes time to build up a quality site full of goodness.

In January 2021 we started to refresh Brew It Yourself and as time plods on we will be updating and adding new content, reviews, and features. Please keep checking back to see whats new!

So for now, from the guys here @ Brew It Yourself!

Happy Brewing!