Woodfordes Wherry Real Ale Kit

A big batch of tasty real ale is only a few easy steps away thanks to this brand new kit from Woodforde’s. The kit will help you to brew around 40 pints, that’s under 50p a pint!

Easy and cheap it may be but it doesn’t taste like this! The Woodforde’s Wherry real ale is made using real malt, hops & yeast. Tasty and your reward for brewing it yourself!

All the ingredients you need to make your real ale comes included in the box, so is ideal for first-timers and experts alike.

For best results, it’s advisable to leave your ale to sit for a few months before consumption. Some people recommend adding half a teaspoon of ordinary sugar to each bottle for an even better taste, but this is 100% optional.

Don’t forget to send us an invite when it’s ready!