Rum Advent Calendar

It’s that time of year again when the days get shorter, the weather gets worse and your faced with 24 days of opening a cardboard door only to find a small and cheap tasting chocolate reward. Well this year we think a change is needed.

For those of us over 18, an alcoholic one is on the cards and it’s all thanks to this new for 2021 rum advent calendar. No we’re not joking about, this thing is for real!

From a distance it looks just like a regular advent calendar, but behind each door is a range of tasty rums. 24 in all and one each day from the 1st December to the 24th!

As an added treat something extra special has been added. This comes in the form of a limited edition 16 year old Banks The Endeavour rum. A full sized bottle of this stuff sells for near on £350 a pop. So you know it’s going to be good. Better news is this advent calendar costs nothing like that amount so you can stop sweating too!