Instant Regret Chilli Beer

What does Friday night mean to you? For us it’s a nice hot curry and a few beers. This then can be the only reason why someone has decided to make a beer that has some heat! In fact to be truthful, it’s the worlds hottest beer!

The Instant Regret Chilli Beer has all the taste and looks that a good quality beer should, but it wont take your taste buds long to feel the added extra ingredient!

inside you will find 2 million scoville chilli extract! We can’t expalin in words how hot this is, we can only suggest you try it for yourself. But it’s like eating one of the hottest curries ever and then adding even more spice just for fun!

This experience is great shared with friends or even people you don’t like too much. Each Instant Regret Chilli Beer packs includes 4 bottles of this hot stuff!

Good luck!