Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit

We all know how much fun and satisfaction brewing beer yourself is, but sometimes the process can be a little complicated and time consuming. Not so though with the Mr Beer home brew beer kit we have right here!

The Mr Beer premium kit comes with everything you need to make 4 gallons of tasty beer which is ready to drink in just 2 weeks!

The Mr Beer Kit includes…

  • 1 x Gallon fermenter
  • 2 x Mr Beer refills – makes a total of 4 gallons
  • 2 x Hopped malt extracts
  • 2 x Brewers yeast
  • 2 x Booster
  • 2 x Mr Beer cleanser
  • 8 x Reusable 1 litre bottles complete with caps
  • 8 x Labels with Mr Beer logo branding
  • 1 x Easy to follow brewers guide book and recipe ideas

Really simple to use
Unlike the traditional way of brewing, the Mr Beer guys have taken all the hard work and skill out of making beer at home. When your kit arrives, you only have to follow a few short and simple steps. The hardest part is waiting 2 weeks for your beer to be ready!

Because this is a brew it yourself product, alcohol content can only be estimated. In tests, the Mr Beer kit was found to have around 3.7% ABV.