Victor’s Drinks Cider Making Kit

Do you like the idea of knocking up a batch of home made cider, but don’t want the hassle of complicated kits and equipment? If this sounds perfect you are going to want this kit!

The Victors Drinks Cider Making kit takes brewing to a whole new level. Level one in fact when it comes to the ease of working with this pack! This brewery in a box will make 20 pints of yummy cider which will be ready to drink in just 10 days time!

Three tasty flavours to choose from

  • Apple
  • Mixed Berry
  • Elderflower

Everything you need is in the box, so no scrumping for apples needed! The included instructions explains the ever so easy brewing process in great detail. To show you how easy it is we are going to run through the process now.

How to make your cider

  • Once delivered unpack to reveal the Victors Cider box
  • Unscrew the cap at the top of the box
  • The add the provided yeast sachet
  • Now you need to add 18 pints of warm water
  • Now leave for 10 days so it can do it’s thing
  • From day 11 onwards you can start drinking!
  • It really is that easy to make Cider with Victor!

When it comes to cider, Brewing It Yourself has never been so simple!